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Consciousness Coaching® was founded by Marc Steinberg, who has committed his life to the study of human consciousness and engaged extensively with countless transformational disciplines, both Eastern and Western. Creative Consciousness International (CCI) is the holding company of Consciousness Coaching®. Established in 1991 by Marc Steinberg, CCI manages and promotes the franchise operations internationally and continues to push the boundaries of research and innovation to develop new insights and methodologies in the fields of human empowerment, leadership development and coaching.

Today, Consciousness Coaching® has its Head Office in Johannesburg, South Africa. Courses are also offered regularly in Europe. A database of more than 5000 clients attests to the success of Consciousness Coaching® in designing and delivering cutting-edge empowerment solutions that enable individuals and corporations to achieve authentic and sustainable shifts in power and competence.

The Consciousness Coaching® Master curriculum is recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Moreover, Consciousness Coaching® Academy is a member of COMENSA, (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and is locally accredited by the Services SETA.

In addition to the ICF-accredited Master coaching curriculum, Consciousness Coaching® offers a range of special interest programs and corporate solutions.

Consciousness Coaching® sees coaching as the art of conducting any human interaction in such a way that all parties are left empowered, uplifted and more enlightened than before. Coaching enables individuals to identify outcomes; embark on a personal journey of learning and experience; find balance in life; develop awareness of body, mind, spirit, and focus on strengths to create shifts that propel one’s life in the desired direction. Coaching can be made into a profession and a career. However, coaching is much more than that – it is a way of life.

Consciousness Coaching® truly believes in the power of human beings and dedicates its work to helping its clients achieve happiness, abundance and bliss.