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Consciousness Coaching® Courses

The Consciousness Coaching® Academy offers the transformational Master curriculum that serves the purpose of individual self-discovery, growth and empowerement as well as provides internationally accredited coach training.

Whether it is your desire to become a Consciousness Coach® or to experience a spiritual level-up and start living consciously with passion and heartfelt commitment to your purpose in life, Consciousness Coaching® curriculum will give you the awareness and tools needed to be in action of creating the life of your dreams.

General Information

All Consciousness Coaching® courses are 4-day transformational processes, which will result in a deeper understanding of what living an inspired life, free of conditioned thinking and feeling might look like.

The courses are designed to guide you to new levels of awareness through providing organic insights which are not rejected by the Ego. With Consciousness Coaching® you learn by doing; building wisdom through insights; acquiring skills by experience and as such develop your being. Each training day is made up of enquiries into the nature of human consciousness alongside experiential exercises and video presentations. The peer to peer feedback is extremely powerful in helping you break through blockages while also developing the coach within. In addition, you receive a comprehensive course workbook and have the opportunity to expand your understanding of the material after completing the training days, through the range of DVD’s available for purchase.

From Master II onwards, students also benefit from an optional frame programme that includes a short meditation and yoga before the course begins, and training in Hojo, an ancient Japanese discipline. This is offered in support of further development of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Courses run from Thursday to Friday and start at 9am, ending normally around 7-8 pm.

Upon completion of every course you will experience:

Curriculum overview

The Master I – The Awareness ProcessTM is the foundation training for the Consciousness Coaching® curriculum. Whether you wish to become a coach or are seeking personal development, completion of this course is the prerequisite for attending any other course offered by Consciousness Coaching®. Master I provides definitions and distinctions that you will need to “get” in support of you extending your coaching skills. This course will start you on a path to increased awareness, freedom of choice, passion, self-expression, clarity of purpose and the development of your personal power through integrity and the power of your word. The key benefits of Master I – The Awareness ProcessTM include greater clarity on your goals, heightened awareness and an expanded range of self-expression.


Master II – The Creation ProcessTM is a powerful and liberating experience of deepening your awareness, acquiring the power to transform your reality and exploring the elegance and high impact of coaching. Master II deals with the topics of forgiveness and completion to support you in embarking on a more conscious lifestyle. Moreover, Master II introduces you to the Consciousness Coaching® protocol and toolbox and includes 6 Consciousness Coaching® sessions, in order for you to experience being coached by a professional Consciousness Coach® and measure the benefits yourself.

Master III  – the Consciousness Coaching® ProcessTM is the advanced coach training, split into two parts, with a 6 week break in between. This course provides you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become a professional coach. However, it goes way beyond professional training and offers insights that support you in living a more authentic and fulfilled life. Master III is equally beneficial for aspiring coaches and individuals in search of self-development and transformation on a qualitatevely new level.

If it is your wish to make Consciousness Coaching® your career, you need to complete Master I, II and III. In order to obtain either the Professional Coaching Diploma (ICF qualification) and/or the Consciousness Coaching Diploma (ICF accredited) you need to complete 6 observed coaching sessions and a written exam.

Master IV – The Success ProcessTM gives you the opportunity to commit to a vision for your business, or your life, and put in place an action plan to realizing it. Master IV is our ‘Success in Action’ course and teaches the organic principles of success, sales and entrepreneurship – a must for anyone who wants to create a self-determined destiny. The major benefit of this course rests with its power to push you out of your comfort zone and support you in living, thinking and acting “out of the box”. Master IV will help you to become constructively outrageous, naturally powerful and endlessly enthusiastic about your life and business. Through introducing a radically new paradigm of understanding sales and marketing, this course will turn around your vision and empower you to achieve massive success in anything you do.

The Mastery of Relationships is held over three days and is lead by Marc and Savannah Steinberg. Building on Consciousness Coaching® as a way of communicating, this course supports you in being more empowered in your love relationship, in your relationships with your family, at work and with the rest of the world. This course is an absolute must for those of you that are wishing to experience love and fulfillment at its most enjoyable and authentic level. Master I is a prerequisite for this course and couples are absolutely invited to do it together.

Master IV – The Success ProcessTM and The Mastery of Relationships are not required for the Consciousness Coaching® Diploma but are rather supportive programs that deepen and strengthen your practice of the Consciousness Coaching® techniques. They can be attended at any stage once you have completed Master I.

Master V is an individually structured train-the-trainer course for those graduates, who have a passion to train other Consciousness Coaching® Trainers. The Master V is an in-service programme that takes the participant to the highest levels of authenticity and free self-expression.

You can review or assist on any of the courses you have attended previously and graduated in for a nominal fee. It is a great way to refresh your insight and through assisting develop the muscles to be of service to others.

Which parts of the Master course do I need to take?

Begin with Master I – The Awareness ProcessTM. This foundational module gives you a significant increase in awareness and insight into the nature of human consciousness. This course can stand on its own and is a prerequisite to all of the other courses offered by Consciousness Coaching®.

If you want to become a professional coach or simply gain the skills to relate and interact in empowering ways in your everyday life, you continue with Master II and III.

Master IV – The Success Process – is highly recommended for all coaches, entrepreneurs and anyone else in search for massive success. Master I is the only prerequisite for Master IV; you do not have to do Master II and III first.

Qualifications and accreditations

Consciousness Coaching® courses are ICF accredited

Founded in 1995, the International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. With more than 15,000 professional personal and business coaches representing over 90 countries, the ICF is the voice of the global coaching profession.

Consciousness Coaching® was the first South African coaching curriculum to achieve the ICF’s highest accreditation – the ACTP (Accredited Coaching Training Program). The ACTP accreditation is awarded to programmes that follow the ICF definition of coaching, code of ethics and core competencies, and that meet the professional standards set and monitored by the ICF.

Coaching qualifications

On completion of Master II and Master III, you can take a two-part assessment, including written exams, observed coaching session and the submission of coaching notes, to be awarded the two-part, ICF accredited diploma:

If you choose to take only the first of the assessments, which is administered on behalf of the ICF, you can be awarded the Professional Coach Diploma, as a stand-alone, and be a qualified coach with international accreditation and recognition. The PCD is a prerequisite for the Consciousness Coaching® Diploma, which carries the same ICF recognition plus the added dimension of Consciousness Coaching®

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