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In December Darshi and I launched our initial "immersion"-experience,  so-called "Indimmersion2012", where we were playing with leaders-coaches-consultants from diverse sectors & nationalities(8) across North India, which was full of fun & fascination,  and has provided a special foundation for the (already unfolding) future & growth…

Indeed, i have just last night returned from India to the snows of London UK  (while Darshi & our 3 year old daughter Tara remain for the moment in India to attend to additional India/Asia business)…

Also, amazingly, littleTara joined us everywhere we went for this last Immersion, and She loved it, including Her even meditating to the chanting & gonging of Tibetan buddhist monks in sub-zero temperatures in ancient monasteries in the 4000m mountains of Ladakh, as well as single-handedly riding a camel as we overnighted in the desert of Rajastan!? ;-)

And now, here's the next upcoming Indimmersion…16 days timed especially for March this year (1-17 March) so as to be able to include a couple of days at the concluding event in the Kumbh Mela calendar, an ancient thousands'  of years old spiritual festival attended by over 30million-plus pilgrims every 12 years !!!…

Any reason to join us will do, and here are a few :

“Unique! ALL rolled into One...epic internal & external travel adventure...vacation, self & leadership-development process, 24hr coaching & accredited coach-training opportunity, party, pilgrimage, eco & cultural extravaganza, new-friendships’ catalyst, and a curiosity & creativity-booster... ”

Come join us?… And let us know of other people/organisations who You sense will intuitively resonate with such a unique multi-faceted exploration?…

Thanks & BWell, rowan & Darshi (& little Tara)

Summary Details & Brochure below-attached:

WHAT? ... “Indimmersion 2013 : Journeying with the sacred Ganges (& self) from source to sea”, for registrations/details contact darshigillies@me.com  (+91) 9833270883

WHEN? ... 1-17March 2013, start Delhi, end Calcutta

WHERE?... as experience in body, heart & mind...of the 1500km length & surrounds of the River Ganges, from:

the glacier-bounded river source in the Gangotri himalayas,

 the sparkling headwaters & retreats near Uttar Kashi,

rafting down the whitewater rapids above & into sacred Rishikesh, and sleeping in safari tents on the river banks

joining thousands of pilgrims once in every 12 years, at Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest (30million+ pilgrims) & most ancient spiritual festival thronging with bathing saddhus at the confluence of  the Ganges & 2 of her sacred tributaries

the ancient bathing ghats & funeral pyres of the river Ganges at the world’s oldest city,Varanasi,

 meditating at Bodhigaya, where the Buddha enlightened beneath the bodhi tree

the delights & despairs of Calcutta,

 cruising & animal-spotting in the Sunderbans, a tiger-sanctuary, and the the largest estuarine delta in the World, where the Ganges spills into the sea, and

the charismatic chaos & other paradoxes of journeying through ever-urban India...

WHY?...  to use such exhilarating guided exploration of India as a platform for a unique, epic internal & external adventure, for a vacation, as a self & leadership-development process, as a 24 hour coaching & accredited coach-training opportunity, party, pilgrimage, eco & cultural extravaganza, to make new special friendships, for new friendships, as a curiosity & creativity-booster...

for WHO?...anyone with a sense of curious “external & internal adventure”...or with a fascination for complex India...or inspired to enhance their coaching & leadership skills...or to be accredited&associated with one of the most powerful professional coaching brands & communities in the world

by WHO?... Darshi, Rowan, Savannah & Marc at Immersion & Consciousness Coaching ...Contact Us for more details

HOW MUCH?... Price-less...at £5999

(or £3499 for registrations before 10th February 2013)

Limited part sponsorship available

(-any international return fare to India excluded)

Click here for the Brochure

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bodhigaya buddha bodhigaya tree flower market ganga dhobi ghats ganga rafting ganga sunrise aarti taj mahal taj mahal across yamuna river varanasi tents on the ganga rishikesh & bridge ganga winding gharial gangotri glacier kumba mela saddhu ganga praying saddhu